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    In December of 1992, world famous treasure hunter, Mel Fisher, opened a permanent museum in Sebastian, Florida. Mel started his full time treasure hunting career in Vero Beach when he moved there with his wife Dolores and their family, from California in 1963. Mel spent the next 7 years successfully salvaging the 1715 Fleet, a fleet of sunken treasure-laden ships, which sank off the coastline which is why the surrounding area got the name, ''Treasure Coast''. He then went on to discover the main pile of the Nuestra SeƱora de Atocha in July of 1985. This is the largest underwater treasure find in history! Mel's family continues the search for the remaining cargo of the Atocha. Visit the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum and dive into history. The experience is both educational and exciting - you can even lift an authentic Atocha gold bar and ''Own a Piece of History'' from the nautical gift shop.

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