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    Maitland Farm Preschool was founded in September of 1978 with a vision of early childhood as a journey of discovery and with the commitment to provide a very special learning environment for young children and their families. We seek to provide a place where both children and adults feel that they belong, and where they know they are valued. With this sense of physical and psychological safety, each person will be free to grow.

    Our Approach
    Children learn by doing, by being actively involved with materials, with their environment, and with other children and adults. This approach is called Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP.) It encourages intellectual development, but does NOT stress early academics or rote learning. Solid research and practice over many years have demonstrated that DAP is a natural and organic approach to education. It begins with a thorough understanding of how children grow and learn. DAP encourages each child’s strengths and dispositions as he unfolds and builds on previous development at his own unique rate.

    Our program is age appropriate because it recognizes that children develop in a predictable sequence in all developmental domains--physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Our program is individually appropriate because it recognizes and respects that each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth.

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