• Manager - Test Operations

    Posted: 12/14/2020

    Position Summary:

    Manage and coordinate all activities pertaining to Flight Test Engineering Test Operation, Instrumentation and Experimental Hangar including but not limited to providing status reports, creating/maintaining schedules and overall planning to support Engineering projects implementation/execution. Production Support and Customer Service. Responsibilities include supervision, training and assisting employees. 

    Essential Job Functions:

    • Direct the operations of Test Services and Instrumentation personnel.
    • Schedule off wing ground tests to meet engineering and program needs.
    • Ensure that test plans are properly planned, test articles prepared, flight test supported and full program support is provided within resources constraints.
    • Ensures strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures pertaining to engineering testing.
    • Manage the daily operations of Test Services and Instrumentation
    • Plan, track, and maintain the calibration schedule for all test equipment and instrumentation.
    • Schedule off wing ground test and aircraft instrumentation installations to support engineering and flight test.
    • Administer instrumentation technicians and engineers, including time and attendance, training, certifications, etc.
    • Schedule and track test programs to support engineering and program requirements.
    • Implement and maintain safe shop conduct.
    • Perform other related duties as required, including the tasks expected of a test and instrumentation engineer.
    Required Education And Experience:

    Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline, (preferably Aerospace, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering), with at least 7 years experience as a Test Engineer. Extensive knowledge of structural, systems and aircraft testing is required. General knowledge of all phases of aircraft testing, approval, FAA certification, manufacturing, inspection and service, as well as thorough knowledge of FAA procedures and regulations, is required to perform the duties of this position.