• Director of Technology Services

    Posted: 03/20/2022



    1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Educational Administration, or a related field from an accredited educational institution. A comparable amount of training or experience may be substituted for minimum qualifications.
    2. Three (3) years experience in management information systems, networking, or Information Technology.
    3. Successful supervisory experience.
    4. Satisfactory criminal background check and drug screening.
    Knowledge of computer related equipment, networks, telephone systems, information systems and their operational functions and limitations acquired through appropriate educational and/or technical experience in the field. Knowledge of the principles of organization and management. Knowledge of School Board policies, procedures and regulations related to departmental activities and personnel. Ability to read, interpret, and implement state, federal and local laws as they pertain to affected areas of the department. Ability to organize and direct department programs. Ability to provide leadership and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, officials, schools, other departments and the public. Ability to communicate and express facts and ideas clearly and concisely orally and in writing. Ability to accept responsibility and make competent decisions on matters affecting the entire department.
    Chief Financial Officer
      Text Box: JOB GOAL
To develop, implement, and manage computer networks and information technology systems for increased student achievement, business operations, reporting, and decision support in a fiscally responsible manner.

    Network Administrator Systems Administrator

    *(1) Develop, monitor, plan, implement, and maintain continuously improving information systems to support instruction, student information management, as well as business operations through appropriate and cost effective information technology.

    *(2) Conduct regularly scheduled meeting with the departments of Computer Services, Network Services, and Information Services to provide appropriate and timely communication throughout the life of projects.
    *(3) Assist in the development of departmental goals and assume responsibility for implementing the appropriate technology systems to meet those goals.
    *(4)        Implement policies and procedures to ensure the protection of IT assets, data integrity, security, and privacy entrusted to or maintained by the School District.
    *(5)        Develop and maintain a district-wide technology management recovery plan to ensure timely and effective restoration of technology services.
    *(6)        Assist in budget development for all administrative computer-related activities.
    *(7)        Develop, update and maintain a manual of technology-related methods and standards.
    *(8)         Monitor the progress of major district Information Technology projects, identify potential developing problems, and participate in major problem resolution.
    *(9)        Manage the District’s E-Rate process to maximize reimbursement opportunities.
    *(10)      Provides quality service to end users in needs analysis, solution recommendations, vendor selection, implementation, training, and post-installation support.
    *(11)      Serve as a support to departments regarding the use of technology.
    *(12)      Assist in developing the district’s Technology Plan.
    *(13)      Manage departmental performance to assure that plans and programs are executed on time, within budget, and consistent with quality requirements.
    *(14) Plan and manage department staffing, IT policies and standards, hardware/software selection, acquisition, development, and installation, and vendor engagements to ensure support of the district’s strategic goals.
    *(15)      Monitor the progress of major district IT projects, identify potential developing problems, and participate in major problem resolution.
    *(16)      Develop and enforce procedures to ensure the protection of enterprise technology assets and the integrity, security, and privacy of information.
    *(17)      Develop and maintain a district-wide technology management recovery plan to ensure timely and effective restoration of technology services in the event of disaster.

    Inter/Intra-Agency Communication and Delivery

    *(18)      Consult with schools and departments in the area of information technology.
    *(19)      Assist schools and departments in developing plans to meet their technology needs.
    *(20)      Interact with outside agencies, businesses and the community to enhance the understanding of district initiatives and priorities.
    *(21)      Respond to inquiries and concerns in a timely manner.
    *(22)      Serve on district, state, or community councils or committees as assigned or appropriate.
    *(23)      Provide oversight and direction for cooperative planning with other agencies.
    *(24) Report to the Assistant Superintendent of Technology and Assessment any potential problems or unusual events, as well as, the performance of the department, including recommendations on financial, operational, capital plans and other technology-related issues.

    Professional Growth and Improvement

    *(25)      Maintain a network of peer contacts through professional organizations.
    *(26)      Keep informed and disseminate information about current research, trends and best practices in area of responsibility.
    *(27)      Maintain expertise in assigned areas to fulfill project goals and objectives.
    *(28)      Facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of staff development activities in assigned areas.

    *(29)      Attend training sessions, conferences and workshops as assigned to keep abreast of current practices, programs and legal issues.

    Systemic Functions

    *(30)      Represent the district in a positive and professional manner.
    *(31)      Assist in the development of the department budget and monitor its implementation as required.
    *(32)      Coordinate the automated Full Time Equivalency (FTE)/pupil accounting functions.
    *(33)      Supervise the district’s forms and report control system.
    *(34)      Supervise assigned personnel, conduct annual performance appraisals and make recommendations for appropriate employment actions.
    *(35)      Assist subordinates in resolving problems and achieving goals.
    *(36)      Coordinate departmental recruiting and personnel acquisition.
    *(37)      Ensure the preparation of all required reports and maintain all appropriate records.

    Leadership and Strategic Orientation

    *(38)      Recommend to the Assistant Superintendent of Technology and Assessment new uses for computer technology and equipment or abandonment of unprofitable uses.
    *(39)      Provide leadership and direction for assigned areas of responsibility.
    *(40)      Provide leadership and guidance in the development of annual goals and objectives for assigned department.
    *(41)      Exercise proactive leadership in promoting the vision and mission of the district.
    *(42)      Set high standards and expectations and promote professional growth for self and others.
    *(43)      Utilize appropriate strategies and problem-solving tools to make decisions regarding planning, utilization of funds, delivery of services and evaluation of services provided.
    *(44)      Use appropriate styles and methods to motivate, gain commitment and facilitate task accomplishment.
    *(45)      Perform other tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position.
     *Essential Performance Responsibilities
    Light Work: Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 10 pounds of force as frequently as needed to move objects.
     Job Description Supplement 07
    Administrative Pay Grade     Director                250 days worked per year (12 months) FLSA Exempt
    Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of personnel.